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Valette Williams Scholarship Recipient 2010

The award of the scholarship, in memory of Val Williams, for 2010 has been made. The recipient is Alison Hewitt, a PhD student at the University of Western Sydney. She was one of five applicants, three studying for first degree Honours and two for Doctorate degrees, from four Universities in the Sydney area. There was a diverse range of topics in the applications and the selection committee, Alex Roberson, Pat Pike and Alec Fisher, decided - after individual consideration and a round-table discussion - on Alison.

Her topic is ‘Clonality and population structure of Melaleuca deanei’. The species is listed as vulnerable and one of the two significant populations is in the Group area. The project is a discrete part of a broader study of Melaleuca spp. The results should lead to outcomes for the conservation of M deanei’.

Image show's Alison working in a laboratory

The scholarship grant of $3000 (increased from the inaugural $2000) will wholly fund the project. Work entails extraction of DNA and its analysis for the population genetics study. The basic methodology has been developed by research at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and the project entails collaboration with RBGS.

The success of the scholarship in attracting worthy applicants results from the efforts of the scholarship convenors Tony Evans and Fred Langshaw – they are to be congratulated on the outcome.

We look forward to hearing from Alison about the completed project at a future Group meeting.

Alec Fisher

More about Alison

Alison gets congratulated by the University of Western Sydney.

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