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2015 Valette Williams Scholarship forms are now available.

Scholarship form 2015 pdf.

Scholarship form 2015 word.

This year’s recipient is Desi Quintans

Desi is a Bachelor of Science student, University of Western Sydney, undertaking his Honours year.

about the scholarship.

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May 8th
David Wells
‘All you wanted to know about Brush Turkeys’

David used to work in IT, but decided that doing a mature-age PhD in biology was far more interesting. He is currently writing up parts of his thesis as scientific papers for publication.
Brush-turkeys are notorious as 'invaders' of Sydney and destroyers of urban gardens. At the same time, they belong to a fascinating group of birds which incubate their eggs, not by sitting on them, but by using environmental heat. We will examine how a brush-turkey mound functions as an incubator, and consider the impact of this incubation method on chicks, eggs and adult reproductive strategies. We will also look at how this incubation method might have originally evolved, why there are increasing numbers of brush-turkeys in urban areas, and briefly touch on my own specific research area, adult mating behaviour.

Brush Turkeys mound


Walks and Talks program at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden

More information

Down load a one page brochure (pdf) of the 2015 program.

April 27th

Leaders: Jenny Talbot and Bev Robinson
Topic: Introduction to Fungi ’

A fungi growing on a banksia cone.

This is a new talk for our program and the presenters will share their own observations as well as current concepts gleaned from the April 2015 Fungimap 8 Conference in Bateman’s Bay. Jenny and Bev will include an introduction to Fungi; fungi field recording; fungi of KWG; recording fungi sightings; Citizen Science and summarise useful online resources. On the walk through Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden we will seek out the fruiting bodies of fungi and hopefully gain some idea of the variety of their shapes and colours. Join with Bev and Jenny on this behind-the-scenes look into a different kingdom.

May 4th

Leader: David Chandler
Topic: Parts of the Plant - Fruit ’

An immature leaf which ired and very hairy

This topic will examine the fruits or seed cases of common native plants found in Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden. Through a hands-on approach we will classify the plants by their seed case type and identify them during a walk in the gardens. David is also a guide in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.




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