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2016 Valette Williams Scholarship Recipients. - ANNOUNCED

This year’s recipient is Johanna Wong

Photo of This year’s recipient is Johanna Wong

Johanna is a PhD student at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment at the Hawkesbury Campus of Western Sydney University.
Her topic is: Developing metabolic ‘biomarkers’ for the early diagnosis of Armillaria root rot in eucalypts of the endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland

More details are available here.



July 8th

Speaker: Liz Burton
Topic: 'Orchids in the Hunter Valley'

Elisabeth Burton has been a life-long naturalist; a botanist, bushwalker, photographer and bush regenerator. Over the last ten years her interest in botany has been focused on Australian native orchids. While collecting orchid specimens for the herbarium at the Botanic Gardens Trust, Sydney numerous images were also collected which were then compiled into a book "Orchids of the Hunter Region". This talk will be about that journey.

A ground Orchid

Group Walk

July 9th (Saturday) - Central Coast


land for wild life sign

The July walk will be on Saturday, July 9 (NOT the usual Sunday) at a property on the Central Coast at Lisarow, north of Gosford.

The property is part of the “Land for Wildlife” scheme which gives support and encouragement to landholders in all aspects of nature conservation. It is a special place.

The home is situated in the hills near Mt Elliott, surrounded by magnificent open forest and semi rainforest. It’s a haven for wildlife including a frog pond and is regarded as a bird watcher’s paradise.

There will be graded walks through the forest near the home.

The group will then drive to St John Lookout for lunch. At this site there are picnic tables, BBQs, toilets and a spectacular view to the ocean.

After lunch participants can decide if they wish to do some other short walks.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Ros Young on 43291051 or 0425223539 or Ros Mort on 94563717. Also, please contact Ros Young before the walk to confirm that it will go ahead if the weather is doubtful.



Walks and Talks program at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden

More information

Down load a one page brochure (pdf) of the 2016 program.

June 20th

Leader: Sue Bowen
Topic: ‘Ferns ’

juivenial Fern fronds

The Fern House at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden is a sheltered spot planted with a very wide variety of ferns, cycads and epiphytic orchids. In her lecture, Sue will outline the structure and evolution of ferns and allied plants and describe some of the ferns growing in the KWG. On the walk we will view various ground ferns and cycads and explore the Fern House near Lamberts Clearing. Join with Sue on this behind-the-scenes look into primitive plants.

June 27th

Leader: Wendy Grimm
Topic: Walk to St Ives Showground (10 am to 2:30 pm)

A eucalypt tree

We take the opportunity to study the vegetation along the walking track between the eastern part of KWG and the northern part of St Ives Showground. Even though the showground is adjacent to KWG, this track supports a surprising number of plants not easily accessible in KWG. Please wear suitable footwear. Bring a hat, water and a packed lunch to eat at the Showground. A car will be left at the showground for transporting a limited number of walkers back to KWG.



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