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Ku-ring-gai Wildflower and Garden Festival

Sunday 31st August 2014

9am to 3pm

Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden, 420 Mona Vale Road St Ives

North Shore Group is organising lots of activities:

• Plants for sale - from tube stock through to mature plants
• Floral Display selling bunches and arrangements of Native Plants
• Orchids and ferns
• Kids corner with touch & tell
• Guided Walks through the bush
• Great raffle prizes
• Native plants advice on planting & pruning
• Knoll Garden at Lamberts Clearing with wattles at their peak

  Vase of Australian wildflowers  
2014 Valette Williams Scholarship Recipients. - ANNOUNCED

This year’s recipient is Desi Quintans

Desi is a Bachelor of Science student, University of Western Sydney, undertaking his Honours year.

about the scholarship.

Photo of Desi Quintans

Application forms for 2015 Valette Williams Scholarship will be available later this year.



August 8th

Speaker: Bob Makinson
Topic: 'Changing human dynamics of Conservation’

Bob Makinson is the Conservation Botanist in the Science Conservation & Education Branch of the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust, Sydney with many years of experience in the assessment and management of threatened species and ecosystems and a special interest in Grevillea and Astrotricha.
Bob will address aspects of Conservation such as : Who cares about the environment? Trends in policy and management of native biodiversity and the review of NSW conservation legislation.

Ground Orchid flowers

Walks and Talks program at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden’

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July 28th

Leader: Robert Failes
Topic: 'Some other Families 0f Dicots in KWG’

Pimilea flowers close up

“When considering native plants some commonly occurring ones often get overlooked. In this session some of these plants will be considered. They have these rather intriguing common names(!!): Cheese Tree, Wedding Bush, Bleeding Heart, Trigger Plants, Black-eyed Susans, Rice Flowers, Rusty Petals, Matchheads, Coachwood, Christmas Bush, Mangroves and Hopbush.

August 4th

Leader: Margarita Clayton
Topic: ‘Grevilleas and Hakeas (Family Proteaceae) ’

Grevillia flower

When we walk in Sydney sandstone bushland in late winter and early spring, bright red and grey spider flowers are in abundance. These Grevilleas are easily distinguishable and are part of the Proteaceae family of plants. We see many 'woody' seed capsules adhering to branches on another member of the Proteaceae family, the Hakeas, which only grow in Australia.
Learn about these two groups: their identification, where they grow, their characteristics, survival strategies and how they are pollinated by birds and insects. As we walk around the Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden after the talk, we will recognise many of the plants referred to in the talk and learn more about them.
Margarita is a Bush Regenerator, experienced volunteer with the Australian Plant Society NSG at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden and with the National Parks in Ku-ring-gai Chase, Lane Cove, Garigal, and Muogamarra Nature Reserve.



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