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Awards Presentations at the AGM

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Pat Pike Pat Pike was awarded life Membership of APSNSW.
Lyn Kirby recieved the Mel Dyer Award. Lyn Kirby
Jutta & Robert Petherick Jutta and Robert Petherick recieved the new membership award



September 11th

Speaker: Paul Gibson-Roy
Topic: 'Creating grassy understories’’

Dr Paul Gibson-Roy is a restoration ecologist specializing in the conservation, reconstruction and/or maintenance of species-rich grasslands and grassy woodlands. He has worked in this field since 1998. In 2004 he initiated the Grassy Groundcover Research Project (GGRP), a state-wide Victorian field-scale restoration project led by Greening Australia in partnership with the University of Melbourne. Since its inception GGRP has provided for the first time under Australian conditions, clear evidence that species-rich native herbaceous communities can be re-established and maintained. For its achievements this program has received national and international recognition including United Nation Environment, Society for Ecological Restoration International, and Earth Watch International Awards. Since relocating to NSW in 2011 Dr Gibson-Roy has been active in further developing GAs capacity to undertake and deliver grassland or grassy woodland programs and now heads a state and federal funded program focussing on grassy woodland restoration on Sydneyís Cumberland Plain and the development of large-scale Seed Production facilities for understorey restoration. His presentation will focus on issues related to use and restoration of native grasses and wildflowers.


Walks and Talks program at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden

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Down load a one page brochure (pdf) of the 2015 program.

August 17th

Leader: Wendy Grimm
Topic: 'Boronias and other Family Rutaceae'

Eriostemon flowers

Have you ever wondered about the pink flowered plants that make such a show in the bush from late winter through to spring? Come and enjoy seeing the local species of Boronias and the elegant pink wax flower, Eriostemon australasius. Many species in the Rutaceae family attract birds and an interesting range of insects including solitary bees, flies, moths and ants.

August 24th

Leader: Bill Jones
Topic: 'Heath plants ((Family Ericaceae)’

Heath flowers
Styphelia tubiflora

Some of our most beautiful native plants occur in the poor soils found in the coastal heaths of Eastern Australia. Styphelia tubiflora (Five Corners)- pictured - is one of these. Others growing in the Sydney region include Epacris longiflora (Native Fuchsia), Woollsia pungens and various members of the Leucopogon genus (the Beard-Heaths). These plants are members of the Ericaceae family. Many heath plants occur in Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden and will be seen in flower in this session.


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