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2015 Valette Williams Scholarship forms are now available.

Scholarship form 2015 pdf.

Scholarship form 2015 word.

This year’s recipient is Desi Quintans

Desi is a Bachelor of Science student, University of Western Sydney, undertaking his Honours year.

about the scholarship.

Photo of Desi Quintans



April 10th

Speaker: Ross Rapmund
Topic: ‘From seeds to trees – management of an award-winning community nursery’

Ross Rapmund Co-ordinator of the Hornsby Council Community Nursery will present a talk on propagation and plant production at the council nursery facility. Ross has worked in local government nurseries for nearly 20 years between both Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby Councils.
Ross's presentation will cover such topics as seed collection, successful seed sowing, cutting propagation, stock maintenance, working with the community and council and managing an accredited nursery. A small selection of local plants will be donated on the night to the audience.

Volunteers propagating plants

Ross's awards


Walks and Talks program at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden

More information

Down load a one page brochure (pdf) of the 2015 program.

March 23rd

Alec Fisher
‘Parts of the Plant – Stems and Leaves’

An immature leaf which ired and very hairy

Most of us take leaves for granted but the story of leaves is one of great variety and complexity. They are nature’s solar cells powering their food factories that nurtures plants and which, in many cases, provide nourishment for browsing animals and us humans. There is a diversity of form and structure of leaves but this can provide valuable aids into identification of plants down to that of a particular plant species.
Join with Alec to explore that marvel of nature – Leaves

March 30th

Leader: Helen Theile
Topic: ‘Banksias (Proteaceae)’

A eucalypt tree

A eucalypt tree No, it is a yellow Banksia cone.

Many of the eight species of Banksias in the Kuringgai Wildflower Garden are flowering now, so come and learn about them, in the Talk & Walk session at
the Garden's Bushland Education Centre. You'll hear how the Banksia genus was named after Sir Joseph Banks who collected specimens from Botany Bay in 1770. The talk will help you identify the various species from leaf samples, followed by an inspection of specimens growing in the Garden. You'll also hear about Banksia communities in their natural environment in the Sydney region.



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