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2015 Valette Williams Scholarship forms are now available.

Scholarship form 2015 pdf.

Scholarship form 2015 word.

This year’s recipient is Desi Quintans

Desi is a Bachelor of Science student, University of Western Sydney, undertaking his Honours year.

about the scholarship.

Photo of Desi Quintans



March 13th

Speaker: Desi Quintans
Topic: Genetic contamination of the Moreton Bay Fig: does extensive planting threaten to swamp native populations?

Desi is our 2014 Val Williams Scholarship winner. He is doing a year-long Honours research project, working with Prof James Cook and Dr Paul Rymer, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment. In his project, he is comparing three Eastern Australian populations of Moreton Bay figs at a genotypic level to figure out how similar they are, how different, how related. No one else has studied the population genetics of this native Australian fig species before.
The APS Scholarship has allowed him to expand the project to include not only natural-growing Moreton Bay figs but also human-planted ones. Many Moreton Bay figs were planted in Sydney and New South Wales during the 1800s, so he is particularly interested in seeing what has happened to the Sydney Basin population's gene pool after being flooded with trees of uncertain origin.


Walks and Talks program at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden

More information

Down load a one page brochure (pdf) of the 2015 program.

March 2nd

Leader: Wendy Grimm
Topic: ‘Introductory Talk and Walk at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden’

Japanese Peach Tree? No! It’s one of Sydney’s beautiful native plants, Leptospermum Leptospermum square flowerssquarrosum. Although the peak flowering period for our native plants is in late winter and spring some plants are in flower in midsummer.
This is one of the plants that will be seen when the “Walks and Talks” program at Kuringgai Wildflower Garden recommences at 10 am Monday (3rd March). This program, run throughout the year by North Shore Group of Australian Plants Society, is a unique opportunity for members of the general public to learn about the native plants that occur in the Sydney region. A talk of about 45 minutes is followed by a 1 hour walk in the Garden. No booking is necessary but a $5 fee per session is charged to cover costs.

March 9th
Leader: Alec Fisher
Topic: ‘The Plant Kingdom’

Flower with insects on it

The world is green because of plants and because of flowering ones in particular. Plants, through photosynthesis, are the very staff of life, though not the first of the five Kingdoms to come into being. Plants and the other Kingdoms do not exist in isolation but depend on each other? this includes us humans as members of the Animal Kingdom.

Join with Alec on this behind-the-scenes look into plants.



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