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May 9th

Jan Williamson, Sue Bowen, Barry Lees
‘Virtual garden tours’

In place of the normal guest speaker, we will take a virtual tour through the gardens of 3 NSG members. The owners will explain the development of their gardens, their successes and failures, current problems and future plans. Seasoned gardeners will be encouraged to offer suggestions. The aim of the evening is to encourage members who are not satisfied with their gardens to take a fresh look at their progress to date, and hopefully get inspired to make improvements.

Barry lees standing in his garden.

Walks and Talks program at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden’

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May 5th

Leader: Sue Bowen
Topic: ‘Ferns ’

juivenial Fern fronds

The Fern House at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden is a sheltered spot planted with a very wide variety of ferns, cycads and epiphytic orchids. In her lecture, Sue will outline the structure and evolution of ferns and allied plants and describe some of the ferns growing in the KWG. On the walk we will view various ground ferns and cycads and explore the Fern House near Lamberts Clearing. Join with Sue on this behind-the-scenes look into primitive plants.

May 12th

Leader: David Chandler
Topic: Parts of the Plant - Fruit ’

An immature leaf which ired and very hairy

This topic will examine the fruits or seed cases of common native plants
found in Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden. Through a hands-on approach we will
classify the plants by their seed case type and identify them during a walk
in the gardens.



Application are now open for the 2014 Valette Williams Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the North Shore Group of the Australian Plants Society to honours and post-graduate students in Botany.

More information including past recipients and application forms are available here.


2013 Valette Williams Scholarship Recipients. - ANNOUNCED

This year’s recipient is Jessica Mowle.

Jessica is a PhD student at the University of Western Sydney.

More details are available here.

The Valette Williams Scholarship in Botany is offered by the North Shore Group, for Honours, Masters or PhD students in botany.







Who are we?

We are a group of people with various interests
in Australian Native Plants.

Our interests include:

  • Plant identification including courses
  • Plant propagation
  • Growing plants
  • Plant ecology
  • Rare and threatened species
  • Bushwalking
  • Photography
  • Conservation of Australian plants
  • Bush regeneration
  • Garden design

The APS North Shore Group is based in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, NSW Australia. Our members come from wide area, from Galston in the north west to St Ives in the east and as far south as Concord. However you do not have to live in the area to join.




Members at a plant sale

Our activities include:



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We are affiliated with Australian Plants Society NSW Ltd which is part of the national body the Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) inc. (ANPSA).